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Artisan pasta "Wholemeal Tagliatelle" drawn in bronze of Timilia durum wheat, 500 gr


Artisan pasta "Wholemeal Tagliatelle" drawn in bronze of Timilia durum wheat, 500 gr

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Discover with Food In Sicily the true flavor of homemade pasta in
single variety of ancient Sicilian grains !!

Food In Sicilyproposes the Whole wheat tagliatelleproduced with the monovariety of Sicilian durum wheat "Timilia".

This pasta, come onexceptional characteristicsand particularly appreciated in thekitchenMacrobiotic,is made with ancient Sicilian grains grownwithout using chemicals.

Storage and milling are carried out separately for the individual varieties, in this way the pasta is produced with groats of only one variety at a time.

The use ofmineral waterfor the dough it completes the care of the raw materials.

The artisan production, with tbronze rafileand static drying at low temperature, together with the use of top quality raw materials, make this pasta aProduct of Excellence.

In addition to the organoleptic qualities, flavor and aroma, this pasta is
- easily digestible
- tolerated very well by people who have wheat intolerance
- can replace Kamut paste


- Bronze drawing

The Whole wheat tagliatelle Food In Sicilythey are bronze drawn, this peculiarity gives it a rough touch and a pale yellow color, the same as wheat. This typical manufacturing process guarantees that unique porosity that captures your condiments.

- Slow drying process at low temperatures

The ancient art of pasta requires that drying takes place slowly and at low temperature so that it retains the typical pale yellow color of the wheat. this is why our artisanal pasta requires requires 24/36 hours of drying at a temperature of 36/38 degrees. In this way, in addition to the color, the fragrance, the flavor and the cooking properties of their pasta are not compromised ... it is a long but indispensable procedure to obtain quality above all!

- Monovariety of ancient grains
But it's not over .. The artisan pasta Food In Sicilyit is distinguished by the monovariety of wheat used: theRussello.

The Russello durum wheat is oneancient variety of wheat once cultivated throughout Sicily, now widespread only in some areas of the island, in particular in the Hyblean plateau.

It is distinguished by the height of the ear higher than the other grains, about 180 cm, and for a high protein content.

The realization of this artisanal pasta takes place using exclusively the durum wheat of the Russello variety, which gives it aexceptional flavoras well as its distinctive pale yellow color.

To be discovered with our Sicilian cherry tomato purée or even in white with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil produced with olives from the Iblei mountains!

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