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Cooperativa Sociale Terra Nostra

Tomato paste of Sicily from social agriculture, 330 grams

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Made according to the most traditional Sicilian recipes, it has a thick and tasty motorcycle, ready to be savored on a good plate of pasta.

The highest quality of the raw material and the traditional preparation process, make our past tasty even without adding additional ingredients.
Excellent to enjoy on our busiates and pens (bronze drawn pasta) but also on durum wheat pizzas.

The social project

Is by Ignazio, Nando, Luigi, Gianni, Luciano, Totò, Mario and all users who together, every day, follow the therapeutic and economic model of the cooperative; A shared path through which they reappears as one's life, thus recovering a dimension of "normality" housing, social and above all work.
This is our earth!A cultural and social revolutionWhich aims to psychiatric rehabilitation and the insertion of weak strands within the Community, creating a model of social enterprise, replicable and sustainable.
The social farm
Within the Santo Pietro nature reserve. The work on the farm, the care of the earth, of animals becomes a decisive part of the therapeutic itinerary for the independence and autonomy of the person.