Panzotta brioche Siciliana artisanal, 70 gr


Panzotta brioche Siciliana artisanal, 70 gr

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Sweet or Salata is a beautiful found
The Panzotta

The Panzotta is an artisanal product from intoxicating perfume, it takes 24 hours of natural yearling to get a soft Panzotta, it is a light product and is also suitable for vegetarians because of the raw materials used.

Once unfurnished it is packed in a special capsule that keeps it soft and perfumed for over 70 days.

The Panzotta is recommended for both the sweet and salty farcture.

All Natural because Artisanal


Capsule saves freshness

The protective capsule, specially designed, protects the brioche during transport and, thanks to the benefits of the modified atmosphere, keeps it soft as freshly furnished for over 2 months.

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