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Green gold flask panettone with pistachio cream

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Baked homemade sweet with with pistachio cream coated with white and pistachio icing, packaged by hand.

The elegant package also includes
  • a jar of Pistachio creamSpreading from 180g
  • A spatula to be able to spread the very good pistachio cream on the soft slices of panettone

A slow and gradual leavening, which naturally comes to completion over 36 hours, guarantees quality and fragrance to this baked product, in full respect of Sicilian confectionery traditions.

The Fiasconaro Golden Gold Christmas Panettonehas already conquered the most demanding palates .. what are you waiting to be next?

Leave second fiasconaro

Fiasconaro He had a gift 15 years ago a 65-year yeast mother yeast From a Lombardy pastry chef. 

Every evening at 20 is the ritual of the regeneration of the stump in the water. A solemn moment!

The rest does the times leavening, 36 hours, no vacuum technology, 24 hours for natural dehumidification.

Unmistakable recognition sign of Fiamonaro bakery products is precisely Natural leavening, a very slow fermentation process that lasts 36 hours. 

There Natural leavening It originates in the "mother", a fermented pasta core to which, progressively, water and flour are added. 

It is a proceeding that has always been renewed by maintaining itself equal to himself and with the same pace, and that, to occur, demands abilities, attention and, above all, the non-use of chemical additives and preservatives, while guaranteeing the product A surprisingly long "life". 

The dough leavened through this absolutely natural process offers qualitative characteristics, at the level of lightness and fragrance, unique and not equalable. 

A modern and continuously expanding company, which has soon earned a significant place in the sector, establishing itself in the national and international market.