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Bronte Dolci

Brontedolci panettone with pistachio cream, icing and grain 750 gr

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The craft panettone with Bronte pistachio, 
A whole Sicilian goodness !!

In this craft panettone You can find out why the Bronte pistachio It's so famous in the world!

The classic Christmas panettone is revisited in a bronthese key giving life to a craftsmanship From unmistakable and inimitable taste!

The maximum expression of the Bronte pistachio: Pistachio grain, many pistachios Toasted and refined (30% !!), very fine Pistachio creamAnd finally the white chocolate ... this panettone is a real goodiness and a concentrate of goodness!

Furthermore The elegant hand packaging make the pAttapone with bronte d'or pistachiosA great gift idea and certainly appreciation!

If you are looking for a Armytithal panettone of unquestionable quality, love the Pistachio (is that of Bronte It's certainly the best), this year you don't settle for any panettone!

Buy The artisan panettone with pistachio bronte d'orIt will be a way to celebrate the Christmas with class and also, why not, to make you a tasty gift

Pack of 750Net grams.