Paffutella Siciliana Artigianale, 20 pieces from 70 gr


Paffutella Siciliana Artigianale, 20 pieces from 70 gr

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Good alone, exceptional stuffed.

A soft and fragrant brioscia, with a nice and winking name.
It is good for breakfast, a snack, for a fast meal or for a cuddle of
Always original taste, thanks to the foolish fillings in 3 tastes.
Savings package with two dosers for fillings
1. Paffutella is always fresh

Thanks to the monoproduced packs in a controlled atmosphere, Paffutella keeps soft and fragrant as freshly baked for at least 3 months.
It is preserved and served at room temperature, so it is not necessary neither the fridge nor the oven. When you need a paffutella, you are there!

2. Paffutella is easy to prepare

Open the single-product pack, size plump in two and do with one of the practical creams in the tube supplied in each box: chocolate, pistachio, almond, orange or lemon. Then dust with icing sugar and get garnish it with a tuft of cream that will help you recognize the taste.

3. Paffutella is easy to sell

With the first order, along with the plugs and creams, you will receive all the sales kit that includes:
The elegant exposure raised.
A special long-rendered aesthetic icing sugar together with its dispenser.
A captivating advertising support.
A guide with marketing tips that will help you sell more, both paffutella and other bar products.
4. Paffutella is a crafted cake

Over 24 hours of natural leavening, only selected Italian flours, no preservatives and a serving handmade. This is the secret of Paffutella: a bar product always ready, with the genuineness of a freshly baked craftsmanship.
In each paffutella there is all the experience of SiculaBrioche, the Sicilian pastry laboratory specialized in typical sweets and bar products and ice cream shops.

Savings package from 20 pieces all individually packaged in a capsule in a modified atmosphere + 2 dosers

Capsule save freshness

The protective capsule, specifically designed, protects the brioche during transport and, thanks to the benefits of the modified atmosphere, maintains it soft as freshly baked for over 2 months.

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