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Food in Sicily

MEDIUM OVET OF PURE Extra Fondant Chocolate 65% - With Surprise - GR 180

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All the eggs produced byAncient Dolceria Rizza founded in 1935 modica They are the result of an accurate selection of the highest quality raw materials, in particular types of precious cocoa Didiverse territorial origins; The eggs are modeled and packaged with care and entirely by hand.
The eggs made with our typical Modica chocolate they are exclusively
Fondanti, as per tradition, and despite the processing is different and much
more articulated and complex than normal craft chocolate eggs,
because of the chocolate structure that requires a labor
artisan, tricks and time of employment as well as artisan mastery,
They report good value for money.
Superlative and I would say unique it is Modica's chocolate egg: "primitive" is the primordial,
Fondant by nature, cocoa min. 65% from the first pretended pressing
Mono origin cocoa beans.
All eggs are without: Added fats, soy, lactose and gluten-free lecithins.
Modica chocolate for its low temperature processing and devoid of
Refinations (notcat) is granular (sugar does not melite) and
From the unique taste. Any imperfections and the outcrop of a Biancstra patina
they are charged to the original and typical processing of Modica and therefore
They do not affect the quality of the product.
All the eggs are surprised with their interior and packaged entirely
By hand according to the role chosen for the Easter recurrence of the year.