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Premiati Oleifici Barbera

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Resultano Castle, D.O.P. Val di Mazara

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Castle of Resultano

D.O.P. "Val di Mazara"

Oil type
Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P.
80% WhiteLilla, 10% CeraSuola, 10% Nocellara del Belice
Zone of origin
Central Sicily
Olive grove altitude
High hill
Collection period
Collection technique
Extraction system
Crushing within 24 hours of harvesting, extraction with continuous cycle system, natural decantation and transvented
By natural towels
Oil from amber green color with yellow gold reflections
Delicate perfume with herbaceous aromatic notes and hints of green tomato
Medium fruity with green tomato hint and sweet almond
Raw and marinated fish, fresh cheeses and vegetable soups

More than 5000 olive growers, 12 crushers and great attention to quality bring this unique product to your tables. From the mountains of the Palermitano to the hills of the agrigent the members of our consortium ensure the best of the best.

The company

The story of this renowned company begins towards the end of the 1800s, with Renzo Barbera, who, in his estate of San Lorenzo ai Colli, was delighted to cultivate citrus fruits and olives. In 1894 Renzo transforms his passion for the land into a thriving activity, until in 1910 he was called to the Salandra government. The activity passed into the hands of his son Manfredi, who showed great entrepreneurial skills, giving immediate impulse to the company: demonstration of this development was the assignment of two gold medals to the Barbera oil on the occasion of the inauguration of the Eiffel Tour in Paris. Later, the innovative capacity of Manfredi senior (son of the first manfredi) did not delay to come forward and he became the first to pack the glass oil. At that time the company delivered its oil to Tirrenia navigation and the restaurant manager asked the grandfather Manfredi to think about oler for the on-board restaurant. The input was immediately caught, Manfredi found Murano of the beautiful artisan mouth to be used for the precious oil of him. It was a great success! From that moment the Azieta packed the oil exclusively in glass bottles and cans. The old oils remained memories of the past. To assist his father the young Lorenzo, called Renzino, by eclectic and brilliant personality of him. Great poet, a passion inherited from the family of Mom Carolina Natoli, he grows kneaded between words and oil. But actually even senior manfredi of fantasy had so much: in the 1960s in full economic boom he develops another novelty for his company, "the oil must". Shortly, it becomes an international referee for the designation of the COI (International Ole Council). Today the company is in hand in Manfredi Junior and grandfather resembles in appearance and character. He was an industrialist capable of conceiving the factory in a modern key, but with a visceral attachment to tradition. The heir of him has guessed that it is necessary to move to foreign markets where a good oil like Sicilian must be exported.


Awards and awards

1900 - International Exhibition of Paris: 4 gold medals.

1904 - Grand Prize Saint Louis: 2 gold medals.

1906 - International Exhibition Palermo and Monreale: Grand Prix and Gold Medal.

1998 - Restaurant Show, New York: 1st prize.

1999 - SOL, Verona: golden lion and great mention for extra virgin olive oil "Frantoia".

2000 - Fancy Food Show, New York: Finalist Category Condiments 1st Prize Olive Oil Category.

2001 - Sol Verona: great mention to the quality for extra virgin olive oil "Frantoia". "Mario Solinas" International Competition, Madrid International Olegol Council: 1st prize for extra virgin olive oil "Frantoia". 10th International Competition Extra Virgin Olive Oils "L'Orciolo d'Oro", Pesaro: distinction for extra virgin olive oil "Stupor Mundi".

2003 - Competition "L'Orciolo d'Oro", Pesaro: distinction as a medium fruity for the "Stupor Mundi" oil. Competition L.A. County Fair, Los Angeles: Gold Medal for "Stupor Mundi" oil, silver medal for "Stupor Mundi" oil packaging.

2004 - L.a. Competition County Fair, Los Angeles: Gold medal for "Stupor Mundi" oil. Competition "L'ORCIOLO D'ORO", PESARO: 3rd prize as an intense fruity for "Stupor Mundi" oil, distinction for "crushing" oil.


"Manfredi Barbera & Figli S.P.a." It is today one of the most advanced olerary companies in the international scene, whose excellent products are obtained and bottled according to the highest quality and hygieniculous standard standards. Establishments and production are guaranteed by the most important international certification systems: ISO 9001, ISO22005: 2007, BRC Certificate (British Retail Consortium), IFS Certificate (International Food Standards).

The historic headquarters is located in viamerico Amari in Palermo, to which, in 2003, a modern production plant was added in the sunny and charming custody, in the province of Trapani.


The latter was carried out and equipped with the technologically more advanced production systems, and is divided into three operational nuclei: the storage area, the experimental crusher, the deposit. The finished product storage warehouse is entirely temperature-controlled, hosts large silos at the controlled temperature of 18 ° C where oil is kept under nitrogen against oxidation, and its storage capacity amounts to about 7,000 quintals. Next to the storage area we find the packaging room: four completely automated lines, each reserved for packaging the bottled oil, can and ceramic.
Also at this stage the use of nitrogen is undamaged to ensure a product seal at the highest levels and optimal storage over time. The experimental oil mill, first of its kind in a worldwide, is housed in the second building: a completely revolutionary plant Who do experimentation its strength.


All the phases of preparation of olives - selection, cleaning and crushing - take place in an external area, so as to maintain absolutely uncontaminated the internal room where grazing takes place, the most delicate phase.
As regards the crushing phase, no other company in the world can boast four different olive milling systems: disk pressing, hammers, opposite stone rollers and ladder. Finally, the third building, where the temperature is automatically regulated at 18 ° C for 365 days a year, is intended for the deposit of the finished product and packaging.