Agricola Leonardo Marino

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sicilian Carte Can, 500 ml


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sicilian Carte Can, 500 ml

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The olive grove of the young and dynamic farm "Agricola Leonardo Marino" rises in Caltagirone  in the province of Catania. Our olive trees grow on fertile soil in a permaculture regime rich in nutrients that are assimilated from the roots together with local organic fertilizers. In October, the harvest begins, which is done exclusively by hand.Once harvested, the olives are transported during the day to the oil mill and extracted with a strictly cold system. L'extra virgin olive oil  it is decanted naturally and therefore bottled for sale.

The "Agricola Leonardo Marino" company with lat line of cans "Sicilian cards" is "Caltagirone ceramics"is proposed with an innovative and highly appreciated packaging that recalls the folkloristic and handicraft traditions of our splendid land.

The blend, obtained mainly from the cultivar Tonda
Iblea  and to a small extent from the Cerasuola, Moresca cultivars
is Nocellara Etnea, gives an intense fruity oil. On the palate
has the typical perception of spicy and bitter, and
characteristic hints of green tomato, barely grass
collection and artichoke.

The main cultivar is the Tonda Iblea flanked by the typical cultivars of the area such as Cerasuola, Moresca and Nocellara Etnea.

Tonda Iblea is appreciated for its intense fruitiness and for the richness of polyphenols.


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