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Terre Nere

Sicilian mandarins jam, jar 370 grams

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Forget the sugary flavor of industrial jams you found in supermarkets and to which you are probably used to, Food in Sicily It offers you True mandarin jam, made with Fresh season mandarins to pieces !!

Mandarini jam Food in Sicily It is a jam that enhances the taste of typical Sicilian citrus.

Pungent, intense, perfect flavor to accompany breakfast but even spoon desserts, desserts or cakes, not to mention cakes and crustyou, Just opened it will release the perfumes Of freshly picked mandarins .. In short, our jam is good "as homemade".

Our jams are produced using Fresh raw materials of the territory, their preparation is in fact immediately after the harvest, this allows us to preserve the scent and flavor and bring to your tables an absolute artisan product Excellence.

Our jam is 100% natural:

  • Preservative free

  • Without artificial aromas.



Sugar, fresh seasonal mandarins in pieces, fresh lemon juice.

Fruit used 70 gr. for 100 gr.

Total sugars 55 gr. for 100 gr

Nutritional values ​​per 100 G. of product

Carbohydrates 73.0 g. - Protein 0.8 g. - Fats <0.1 g.

Energy value 295.2 kcal / 1254.6 kJ.