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Food in Sicily

Orange Marmalade Sicilian, jar 370 grams

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The queen of jams is, no doubt, that of oranges, typical "sweetness" of the Sicilian cuisine, in the true aroma and flavor of Sicily Food in Sicily He could only offer you one "like homemade".

The taste is slightly bitter, conferred by pieces of fresh oranges, it will make you feel all the flavors typical Sicilian citrus.

Our jam is 100% natural, no preservatives or artificial flavors.

It looks smoother than the industrial jams, this is because it is composed only of Sicilian oranges and sugar,

without the artificial addition of pectin.




Sugar, Fresh oranges seasonal chopped, fresh lemon juice.


Fruit used 65 gr. for 100 gr.


Total sugars 60 gr. for 100 gr


Nutritional values ​​per 100 G. of product


Carbohydrates 75.4 g. - Protein 0.5 g. - Fats <0.1 g.


Energy value 303.6 Kcal / 1290.3 KJ.