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GASSOSA POLARA, pack of 6 x 27.5 cl

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Renowned Gaseous polara, Ancient Sicilian recipeThe Queen of Soft Drinks at once,It is prepared according to a jealously guarded recipe that contains:Natural extract of perfumed Sicilian lemons, sugar and bubbles. Ingredients that give the palate a simple, sweet and slightly aromatic taste.

This drink, lineAncient Sicilian recipe, it is ideal to sip along with homemade desserts for snacks and children's parties but also enjoying a classic Sicilian arancino (excellent with rustic Sicilian street-food and pizza) or as a pleasant digestive with a slice of lemon.

This drink, ideal for summer aperitifs and as a base for non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks, owes its delicate aroma to the goodness of the ancient recipe used and the selected and natural ingredients. TheVintage flavor packagingAnd the classic retro drink glass bottle donate a touch of class to the bar beverage card, wine bars and stylish rooms.

6 x 27.5 cl pack