Natural cream 50% of Pistachio DOP, 190 gr


Natural cream 50% of Pistachio DOP, 190 gr

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Natural pistachio cream Dop

A unique delicacy that stands out for its delicate sweetness and emerald green colour.

Produced only with Green Pistachio from Bronte DOP (50%), Etna nut oil and sugar. Store in a cool and dry place for up to one year. Once opened, consume within one month.

Bacchus. is a craft company of production and processing of Pistachio.
The production model is based on the control of the entire chain, from collection to storage to the processing and the finished product, and on the extraordinary quality of the raw material combined with processing techniques that, while remaining artisan, combine the wisdom of manual work with the use of more sophisticated machines.
Respect for tradition and technological development are an indispensable combination of corporate logic.
Bacco products are the result of a careful study of compatibility between pistachio characteristics and consumer eating habits, increasingly careful not only of what is good in products, taste and taste (products based on
pistachio, in fact, are rich in vitaminsmineral salts, fibre e essential fatty acids(b) but also the practice of healthy eating.

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