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Food in Sicily

Food panettone gift box in Sicily with Spumante Brut

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  • This Christmas proposal, with elegant gift box, contains:
  • Artisan Panettone with Sicilian writer to Food brand in Sicily,Hand wrap and slow natural leavening. The panettone is proposed in 2 750 grams and 1 kg variants. Tastes available: traditional or with chocolate drops
  • Sparkling wine Brut Murgo Classic method IGT, 75 cl
Buy onlineyourchristmas giftIt's simple and fast! You will be delivered home or to the address of the person you want to do this welcomegift!
In the gift box, upon request, it is also possible to insert a personalized greeting card.

Everygift box christmasIt is widely customizable with all oursTypical Sicilian products, you can spend it as you like by choosing from the various products of our downloadable catalog on the site.

On Request (minimum order of 20 pieces and until November 15, 2021) and to make your gifts even more special, unique and prestigious,Food in SicilyIt offers you the possibility to even customize your packaging packaging with personalized labels with your company logo and the colors of your company that will excitimate to gifts for your customers or employees. Visit the section of the shop "custom gift packages" and contact us for a quote or to get information about it.