Food in Sicily

"Hyblea" gift pack with 11 typical Sicilian products


"Hyblea" gift pack with 11 typical Sicilian products

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TheHyblea gift box setun marchio Cibo in Sicilia contains the followingproductsTypical Sicilians: 

1. Filetti di Cipolla di Giarratana alla Siciliana Presidio Slow Food, Farm Fagone, 100 grams

2. Tablet of Modica Chocolate al mandarino, Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, 50 gr

3.Tablet ofModica Chocolate to donkey milk, Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, 50 gr

4. Bio Melanzane Bruchetta, Salemi Pina, 200 gr

5. Pesto Siciliano Bio, Salemi Pina , 200 grams

6. Smearable Cream at Bronte Dop Pistachio, Farm Cartillone, 200 gr

7. Craft paste of ancient Sicilian grains, Food in Sicilia, 500 gr

8. Almond cookies of Sicily, 250 gr

9. orange spurzette candite, Sicilfrutti, 150 gr

10. Extra Confecture of PGI Leonforte Peaches, Fiasconaro, 360 grams

11. Extra virgin oil of organic olives- Dop "Trapanese Valleys", Premiati Oleifici Barbera, 250 ml


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Ours gift pack Food In Sicily is carefully manufactured, the modular transport system allows to preserve the integrity of the products, a gold-colored tape is then applied with the company logo.

All food gift packs in Sicily can also be made on a third-party brand. A duct tape with the contracting company logo will then be applied and if a custom greeting ticket is required.

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