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Maletto Strawberry jam with Zagara Honey, 240g


Maletto Strawberry jam with Zagara Honey, 240g

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Food in Sicily It offers you a delicious jam to prepare your breakfast, made with the Maletto Strawberries, an ethnic commune famous for the goodness of its strawberries.

Grown in very fertile lava soils, so fertile that it is not necessary to use synthetic fertilizers, the climate and land of this territory give these fruits a unique flavor.

This Jam it is great on bread and butter, with on top a sprinkling of pistachios but also in the preparation of the most classic Tarts and also the famous cake "Cheesecake”. 

You can choose it to accompany with an original taste the creation of cheese-based tastings. 

Combined with robiola allows you to create an excellent cream, soft and tasty, to be smeared on crispy croutons to bring to the table as an ingredient to accompany an aperitif.

strawberries of Maletto, sugar, lemon juice, zagara honey (3%), mint leaves. Gelificant: pectin.

Fruit used:
60g per 100g.

Total sugars:
54 g per 100 g.

                                           How it was born.

Respect for the territory

The company personally takes care of the raw materials from seeding to harvesting, preferring small producers, to better control all the processes that precede its arrival in the company.

Sugar, the only natural preservative of our products, is associated with the honey of Zafferana Etnea, to obtain a refined sweetness in the face of a reduced caloric intake, with the value of an extraordinary palatability that only a honey of the highest quality can guarantee.

In addition, the zest of the finest citrus fruits are candied in zagara honey with an exclusive process that makes them soft and crispy and keeps their scent and aroma intact.

We follow the rhythm of the seasons

Fruit produced in greenhouses or frozen is not used, but only fresh fruit is processed, at most within twenty-four hours of harvesting. 

Even the lemon juice used comes from fresh lemons, squeezed into the farm only at the time of processing.

A careful selection of the producers and their products, variable from season to season according to the goodness of the vintages and crops, leads to choose only the best fruit, honey and spices, which are combined and transformed taking care to respect the maximum sensory characteristics.

A truly artisanal product...

Fruit sorting, preparation and mothing are strictly manual processes; this allows the consistency and integrity of the fruits to be preserved and preserved as much as possible, while eliminating any minor defects and imperfections with the care that only the eyes and hands of man know how to be capable of.

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