Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

White chocolate, 45 gr


White chocolate, 45 gr

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Description produced:


A bar of white chocolate created with suns four ingredients of the highest quality worked on cold that return a completely new product is for taste which consistency.

Clean weight (grammes) 45
Ingredients butter of cacao, milk in dust, sugar, vanilla
Conservation manner to Keep to 14°-16° C
Shelf life (months) 9
It can contain traces of filberts pistachios and almonds
Allergens milk and products based on milk

Middle nutritional values calculated for 100g of product
Energy value (kj.) 2605
Energy value (kcal.) 626
Fats (gr.) 46.6
Of which acid saturated fats (gr.) 22
Carbohydrates (gr.) 44,0
Of whose sugar (gr.) 44
Proteins (gr.) 9,0
It goes up (gr.) 0,380

chocolate of Moderate one, of'ancient dolceria Bonajuto, it is produced in the full respect of the tradition modicana with the most elevated qualitative standards.

HimAncient Dolceria Bonajuto six generations and more than 150 years it produces artigianalmente and transmits sweets, torroni and chocolate of the tradition modicana and Sicilian, generally of Arab or Spanish origin.
In 2008 it has been inserted by the Eurispes between 100 excellences of Italy.
In the corner more to east of Sicily, in the wonderful one and barocca Moderate, the rite of the preparation of the chocolate worked on low temperature with the "bitter dough", it is transmitted of generation in generation.
They were really the Spaniards to carry to Moderate the "xocolàtl", a product that the inhabitants of Mexico were extracting from the seeds of cacao ground on a called stone "metate", in the way of making emitting the cacao butter and obtaining a grainy dough.
The Modicani learnt this working of the Spaniards, without never passing on the time to the industrial phase.




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