Chinotto Polara Bio, packaging from 4 x 27,5 cl


Chinotto Polara Bio, packaging from 4 x 27,5 cl

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The Chinotto Polara Bio is a soft drink, producedwith natural extract of the fruit of the quintet(Citrus myrtifolia) and other natural flavours. Dark soft drink, only apparently similar to a Coke, the chinotto has a more bitter taste, although it also has a fresh aftertaste.

This drink is produced according to the traditional Polara recipe.The intense aromatic spectrum of the organic quintet and the taste of its natural extract, which recalls the ancient tradition of Sicilian drinking, make this bodily drink even more irresistible. Its typical, pleasantly bitter and sweet aroma, finds a dense harmony of fragrances and naturalness.

To drink at any time of the day, enjoyable on any range, the chinotto once returned to the market asthe drink of the tastersOne of the most beloved beverages of the made in Sicily connoisseurs. Also great for aperitifs or as a basic ingredient for cocktails to give a refreshing and superior flavor in view of the summer.

The elegant glass bottlethey make ita single drinkand perfect for the most refined tables, but also for the most elegant and typical wine cellars and bars, without forgetting the particular taste of traditional recipes.

The goodness that blends with the class makes this drink suitable for hotels, restaurants, farms and all those places that appreciate the traditional that combines the taste for beauty.

Packaging from 4 x 27,5 cl

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