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Polara cedata, pack of 6 x 27.5 cl

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Cedrata Ancient Sicilian recipePolara, is a tasty and thirst-quenching drink. Particularly suitable in sultry days, this historic drink, with an unmistakable flavor and the pleasant fragrance of Sicilian citrus fruits, gives a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Obtained from the maceration of cedar peel, according to the traditional recipeIt leads with itself the ancient flavor of tradition, the elegant glass bottle underlines the pleasant retro taste. Indicated above all for the Horeca channel, for bars, but also for restaurants, pizzerias and all those rooms that you want to give a touch of class.

This vintage drink makes special combinations, excellent with granita, a summer classic but can bealso used as a base for non-alcoholic cocktails and not, like theOpenness(cedata and aperol),Katiuscia(cedata and malibù) andKappa cocktail(cedata with rum and tropical juice).

6 x 27.5 cl pack