Food in Sicily

Whole roasted carob beans, gr 50


Whole roasted carob beans, gr 50

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There was a time when there were no candies nor the abundant offer of sweets of the modern world and for the children it was surprising how sweet the carobs were..this is especially true in Sicily, the main Italian region where this ancient plant is located.

The carob  they have a taste that recalls that of cocoa with the difference however that they are richer in nourishing and less caloric properties; the carob  they do not contain psychoactive substances and for this reason they represent a valid substitute for chocolate for those people who have allergy problems or intolerance towards the latter.

Food in Sicily  It offers you the opportunity to rediscover an ancient sweet taste, to the most unknown.

Our Locust beans  they are delicately toasted in order to better savor their fragrance and perfume, they will arrive at your home in a vacuum bag and each pack contains 2-4 roasted carobs (about 50 grams)

100% natural product!

Ingredients: Whole roasted carob beans

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