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Kalat Ceramiche

Sicilian Carretto in Caltagirone ceramic, Kalat Ceramiche, H 10 cm

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  • Sicilian cart Ceramic from Caltagirone, Kalat Ceramiche
  • Made and hand decorated by master craftsmen of Caltagirone
  • Each ceramic kalat artisan product, being handmade, is unique
  • Height 10 centimeters
  • Further colorations and sizes are available, realization time for products not ready for delivery: 15/30 days

How the works of Kalat Ceramiche are made

The works of Kalat Ceramiche are carried out exclusively by hand, according to a process that is handed down to Caltagirone for centuries, giving rise to a unique product of its kind.

  • The clay is forged and molded by hand, giving life to the different figures characteristic of the dark heads;
  • The object is then baked for the first cooking at a temperature of 970 degrees;
  • In this phase the dark brown is glazed and decorated by hand from master craftsmen;
  • The dark brown is then subjected to a second cooking at a temperature of about 930 degrees that determine the process of ceramization and vitrification of the product;
  • In the last phase the product can be embellished with precious metals (gold or platinum) and lusters followed by the third and last cooking.

Being an artisanal product, colors and decoration can vary slightly from the photo. 

The product is accompanied by Certificate of authenticity Kalat ceramics.

Also ideal for favors for baptisms, degrees and events.