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Food in Sicily

Sicilian Caponata, 290 gr with aubergines, peppers and green olives

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Food in Sicilywith the caponata SicilianaIt offers you all the taste of the tradition of Sicilian cuisine in the 290 gram jar.

It is realized with Aubergines, peppers, tomato, green olives and capers, a true goodness.
There caponata It is a dish that contains its richness, history, perfumes and complexity of Sicilian culture, of which is typical dish.

Just think that in the only one SicilyThere are almost 40 variants of this dish and as always happens in the dishes that are lost in tradition, the different recipes vary according to local or even more familiar customs.

There caponata it is a simple appearance plate but know that, bringing it to the table, present a real piece of Sicilian gastronomic history.

This variant is prepared with Sicilian aubergines embellished with raisins and pine nuts
. They add the typical taste of tomato sauce, capers, olives and celery and onion ... all without the addition of preservatives.

Once the package is opened it will release all the perfume and flavor of a homemade caponata, it will be enough to heat it in a pan a few minutes!

It can be served at the table as a side dish for meat or appetizer accompanied with fine cheeses and cold cuts ... but not ... even simply accompanied by bread, as a single dish!

The line Food in Sicily"Sicilian specialties" It is carried out only with very high quality ingredients, carefully selected, with cooking processes that enhance and comply with the organoleptic characteristics of each ingredient.

Natural and genuine products, without preservatives or additives .. our line Food in Sicily"Sicilian specialties"It's good as homemade!
Ingrediants: Aubergines, peppers, tomato puree, green olives, capers, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, celery, carrot, onion, raisins, pine nuts, salt and sugar P.V., Vinegar of wine

After opening keep in the refrigerator