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Grandician cannoli, 100 pcs

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Sicilian cannoli

The King of Sicilian Pastry: His Majesty The Cannolo

On Shop Food in Sicily You can buy traditional waffle For Sicilian cannoli, in the Mignon or Maxi version: fragrant and crunchy are ready to be filled with ricotta or creams.

Real Sicilianity icon in the world, the cannolo is the symbol par excellence of the SICILY DOLCERIA. Composed of a crispy crispy waffle that you can fill with soft cream or ricotta, it is a timeless dessert, for centuries you are an unmistaker protagonist of the Sicilian boards, to conclude Sunday lunches and any other anniversary with all the sweetness of the most Sicilian sweet that there is!

Maxi cannoli waffles to fill

Sicilian cannoli pods Maxi

Friable waffles to be filled and tasting

The originals waffle Of cannolo Sicilian, prepared handcrafted with top quality ingredients. Fragrant and crunchy, they are ready to be filled at will with ricotta, creams, mousse or other food preparations. Perfect to recreate the sweet emblem of the Sicilian tradition.


    wheat flour type 00, wine, lard, sugar, eggs, salt, hello, vanilla, vegetable fats