Craft Sicilian brioche, 52 pieces from 70 gr


Craft Sicilian brioche, 52 pieces from 70 gr

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Super savings package from 52 pieces all individually packaged in a modified atmosphere capsule.
The brioche "Co 'Tuppu"
The brioche
The brioche

Technical data: Brioscia

Description: Production of a natural leavening baking food Ingredients Tender wheat flour type 0 and 00, water, lard, sugar, glucose syrup and fructose, stabilizer: sorbitol, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, fresh egg yolk, Olive oil, salt, whole milk powder, natural yeast, aroma, turmeric

External aspect: circular form product, consisting of a main body to the apex there is a prolongation of a semi-shaped shape;

Color: Typical Brown Shape Of Fresh Brioscia due to the reaction of Maillard (interaction between carbohydrates and heat-induced protein generated by cooking)

Internal appearance: Regular micro beading of the inner pasta, which appears to be light colored with shadow tending to yellow organoleptic characteristics typical of fresh brioscia;

Consistency: soft weight 70 gr

Product package: individually packaged in a modified atmosphere consisting of the mixture of the following inert gases: nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Thermoformed primary packaging with flexible polyclowed film constituted by the following plastic polymers: amorphous polyester, ethyl vinyl alcohol and polyethylene (apet / evoh / pe)

STORAGE: The product has no particular problems of conservability from the bacteriological point of view, recommended storage room temperature; However avoid hot / cold thermal changes that can cause structural deformations or transudation that can change the organoleptic characteristics

Shelf-Life: 70 days from the date of production

Intended use: generally of consumption; Product not indicated to persons: lactose intolerant and gluten; Allergic to milk proteins and eggs Gluten allergen factors - Milk - Cross Contamination eggs can contain traces of sesame, tusboy fruit, sesame modality of use The product does not require special measures for consumption; Hot recovery is recommended to enhance and accentuate the organoleptic characteristics

Average values ​​for 100 g Portion 70 g


Energy value 401.74 kcal / 1681.68 kJ 281.21 kcal / 1177.17 kJ
Total fats
17.1 g 11.97 g
Of which saturated 6.4 g 4.48 g

Carbohydrates 55.6 g 38.92 g

Of which sugars 5.8 g 4.06 g

Protein 6.36 g 4.45 g

Salt 0.47 g 0.33 g

The product complies with the microbiological parameters provided by the Reg. EC 2073/2005 and subsequent amendments and additions. Rev. of 11/01/2021

From an inimitable recipe the brioche with the "Tupo" is realized, which takes its name from the ancient hairstyle of Sicilian women. Sicura and soft, for decades it is the ideal companion of Ice cream and granita.
Capsule Save Freshness

The protective capsule, specifically designed, protects the brioche during transport and, thanks to the benefits of the modified atmosphere, maintains it soft as freshly baked for over 2 months.

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