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Sicilian beer La Mora Stout


Sicilian beer La Mora Stout

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The Mora oatmeal Stout is a complex but beverage beer. L'oats gives softness, roasted malts and caramels mention nuances of cocoa, coffee and toffee and caramel. Sicilian carrubes are complex. Ancient and characteristic Timilia. which exalts its velvety character.
Ideal for accompanying dishes based on fish and sweetsYeah. He's doing great with mature cheeses.
Compact foam at about 8oC temperature. Moose. 5,2%
Mora Stout is a seasonal beer and is presented in elegant bottles of 0,33 litres and 0,75 litres

Ingredients Water, barley malt, oats, Timilia wheat, hops and yeast, Sicilian carp dry hopping, cocoa.
Styles La Mora
Service temperature 8-13 -C
Vol. Alcohol 5,2 %
The Timilia Brewery is born in the 2013 as "inevitable consequence" of the passion of the Florentine Family for homemade beer. In order to characterize production the company focuses on a rigorous selection of ingredients, searching them among the products that are the children of our culture and our territory. The search for a connecting element throughout the production, in addition to barley and hops of course, could only be a variety of wheat typical of Sicily. Studies and research have been long and laborious and finally so much passion has allowed us to brew with a grain with more than 2.500 years of history behind us: the variety TIMILIA produced on the same holding.
The company mission of the Timilia Brewery is to produce artisanal beers that represent the perfect combination between tradition and modernity, using in our recipes ingredients that represent the products of excellence of our land: Sicily.

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