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Orange red Polara, pack of 6 x 27.5 cl

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From fragrant and lush Sicilian citrus groves the Orange Red Polara is born.

Drink from intense and pleasantly citrusy taste with a rich and fruity aroma, prepared with the natural extracts of the juicy red oranges of Sicily.

The Orange Red Polara, an ancient Sicilian recipe, is the perfect soft-drink for fresh relaxation moments, to accompany meals or even just to taste for pure pleasure. Perfect base for non-alcoholic cocktails and long drinks (including the renowned "Sicilian" with Trille sec, lime and cane sugar) to accompany pleasant evenings and delicious aperitifs.

From the sophisticated retro taste, thanks to the vintage packaging, it is an elegant and perfect drink for every bar, restaurant or wine shop that wants to amaze combining quality with elegance and tradition.

6 x 27.5 cl pack