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Who we are

Food in Sicily is a company 100% Siciliana that pushed from theLove for its own land and for everything that good it offers, selects the best agri-food excellence produced in Sicily and offers them at the reach of "clicks" with simple and secure online purchase procedures (Paypal, data protection with SSL certificate).

In our Logo there is the Italian Flag because we are fieri of the Specialities (from north to south) that only our country is able to offer, but there is also the Sun, which figuratively represents the Sicily, an island where it shines for much of the year.


The Sicilian cuisine, which we aim to bring to the Your tables, is the fruit of mixing of different cultures that have happened over the centuries, and this peculiarity is what makes it unique.

The Mission of Food in Sicily is to make known and valorise the enogastronomical delicacies produced in Sicily, fruit of local traditions and characteristics of our territory.

Food in Sicily differs from the panorama from the usual e-commerce sites of typical Sicilian products as they select for you only genuine and primal quality products, made according to the Sicilian culinary tradition.


In the portal Food in Sicily you can find a vast choice of already ready-to-use sughi, prepared with products from the territory, such as our delicate Sugo to toasted Sicilian almonds or the Sugo with alici, wild fennel and pinks.

For those who love the pests instead Food in Sicily proposes delicious ones, such as our Pesto dei Nobili made with Pistachios of Bronte, Vino Marsala stravecchio and smoked swordfish or the Pesto of wild Rucola.
And then .. cheeses underwater, dried cherry tomatoes, eggplant specialties, onions ... in short, our conserve is real goodness that will make your appetizers unique and contours.

The Sicily also is famous for its typical sweet for which in the Portal Food in Sicily you can find a vast selection of them as well as a selection of pregiate and award-winning Sicilian wine labels.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or if you want to leave your number on the contact form and it will be our pleasure to call you back in a very short time.

Our Promise is not simply to offer typical Sicilian products but of the real and proper Specialty, selected for their uniqueness and peculiarity.

Food in Sicily ... your window on the Sicily!



Our Team is at the continuing search for Sicilian Specialities, if you produce something really good that reflects our 100% philosophy made in Sicily, do not hesitate to contact us!!


Corporate Information

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