The Adelfio company of Marzamemi (SR) has always put tradition and quality before marketing policies. Fishing has been the only way of life, and the product has always and only ever been processed in accordance with tradition. These are very rare values, but they have allowed Adelfio's products to maintain their original genuineness. Tuna and its by-products are sold according to the classic forms, handed down over the centuries by the maritime culture, made of simple and authentic things.

The history of the company began back in 1931, when the young Gaetano Adelfio, who had come from Palermo to Marzamemi, decided to settle in this small fishing village, populated by a small hospitable community animated by a spirit of solidarity. The establishment was created in those years, when the fishing of Sicilian bluefin tuna, which was caught through the mattanza, was still flourishing and then subjected to salting. Together with the tuna, sardines and anchovies were also fished and salted. Since then we are still committed to ensuring that the old flavours of the past continue to live on, in the conviction that there is an inseparable link between culture, history, taste, tradition and memory.