Here we go again with soft and refreshingdrinks of the past, when Italy used to go by Lambretta and, in Sicily, "l'acquavitaru" used to sell on the streets soda, foam, citronade and lemonade. Natural homemade drinks like soda, mixing water, sugar and Sicilian lemons with their renowned properties.

In order to propose to today's customers the natural goodness of yesterday, Polara has rediscovered its own roots and those of Sicily. From this uncontaminated island she selected the best ingredients and the most characteristic fruits (orange, lemon and chinotto, citron) to produce chinotto, spuma bionda, aranciata di arance rosse, cedrata, acqua tonica, pomegranate to finish with the green mandarin and the lemon mandarin directly from the Catania tradition of kiosks.

From its memory it has retrieved thesecrets, techniques and dosage of the Ancient Recipe, with which, at the beginning of its history, the company transformed the juicy citrus into thirst-quenching drinks.

Soft drinks rich in the fragrances of the past, authentic flavours and an elegantvintagelabel : to create, by mixing quality ingredients, typical drinks able to satisfy consumers of good taste and sensitive to memories.