The Social Cooperative Terra Nostra was founded in 2004
by Andrea Nicosia, a psychiatric educator, who after a long experience in the field, decided to experiment with new paths of social inclusion and community participation for people with mental illness
In 2012 the Social Farm was born within the Nature Reserve of Santo Pietro.
The work on the farm, the care of the land, the animals becomes a crucial part of the therapeutic itinerary for the independence and autonomy of the person.

The company, located within the Nature Reserve of Santo Pietro, is managed entirely by people who share the aims of the Cooperative, the cultivation of products follow the philosophy of organic and km 0.

The Social Farm, takes up a model of economy, aimed at combine the profit of the company with the good of the community. Participation in the daily activities of a farm, the contact with the natural dimension, the relationship with plants (Green Care) and animals (zooterapy), the relationship with the community favors in addition to social inclusion, physical and mental well-being: they give a purpose, they mark rhythms and tasks.

Today Today social agriculture is an increasingly widespread phenomenon throughout Europe, the Cooperative is part of the Network of Social Farms Sicily, a network of people, associations, agricultural enterprises engaged in the promotion of welfare for social inclusion and sustainable development.

It is a virtuous multifunctional example of the agricultural sector, because it simultaneously develops a series of activities related to agriculture, such as: educational farm, rural tourism, environmental protection, enhancement of the landscape and traditions, sustainable development of the territory, socio-cultural promotion.