Christmas manufactures: I present ideas with Sicilian typical products

Christmas manufactures: I present ideas with Sicilian typical products

Them Christmas baskets I am a tradition but also a mark of recognition or affection towards a dear person or whom we respect.

The Christmas is to the doors, and is then a time of thinking of the presents and then in order that not to be originals with one I present Christmas basket rich in Sicilian choiceness, if only personalised seconds the own tastes?!

The Christmas approaches and with him the time of presents and like each year they begin the questions on what to present and if that chosen will be the just present.

If the choice for the least is facilitated by the wide toys selection and gadgets he presents in the shelves of the businesses, to present with something a friend, work associate or relative is not always easy (if one does not want to fall on the usual tie or belt.)

Them Christmas basketsor alimentary manufacturesof Christmas I am often a good idea I present. Several supermarkets are of it full, with prices so many times torn, but often here one asks for to present a torrone rather than an "industrial" panettone, even if of some blazoned marks, it is the just qualitative choice or at least original that can make happy the one who will receive ours Christmas present.

Food In Sicily, thanks to his wide catalogue of Sicilian typical products, he has thought how to come I am successful to the demands of a clientele who looks at the same time homemade products of high quality and details but without running into prohibitive prices.

The strength points of I present Christmas baskets Food in Sicily compared to the traditional offers they are so many people, for example

- possibility of choosing between I present Christmas baskets in wickers or manufactures presentof Christmas already ready with prices to be shared 19.80 €

- possibility of personalising is I present baskets Christmasalready ready or to choose I present Christmas basketit empties and to insert Sicilian typical products of own pleasure;

- further 300Sicilian typical products disposable that are distinguished for the absence of preservatives, artificial aromas and rigorously born in Sicily;

- free forwarding 59.00 €

- sure payments (paypal, I mark, I reclaim, credit card)

Sicilian typical products between which to choose they are huge, it will be possible to compose for example one I present Christmas basket Food in Sicily sweet with of chocolate of Moderate one, the famous one homemade panettone Fiasconaro and almond biscuits.

Or you will be able to choose between so many disposable Sicilian pulps, ready juices, cheeses under oil, homemade dough. and so many other Sicilian typical products.

And for whom it wants to give one I touch of more class, it will be possible to insert also the famous one artistic ceramics of Caltagirone, as Christmas balls in Ceramics (disposable in different formats) or Ceramics plugs perhaps to combine to a bottle of Sicilian wine, all realised and painted to hand artisan masters calatini!

Once chosen I present Christmas basketFood in Sicily , we will be responsible of embellishing it with torroncini Sicilian, carobs and so other.

If you will want we will insert a ticket of wishes of Natale Food into Sicily, it will be enough for you to insert it into the order signs to the moment of the purchase of yours I present Christmas basket of Sicilian typical products.

The package is the most important moment, therefore we dedicate particular attention to this passage in order that I present basket of Christmas with Sicilian typical products it arrives at your house (or directly to the addressee of the present) in the best way.

It is therefore also possible to have your Christmas basket delivered directly to the recipient. In this case we will not enter the relevant tax receipt inside, you only need to specify a billing address different from the delivery one.

This Christmas there's no excuse for not knowing what to give, Liking will be assured!

Order yours now Christmas gift basket Food in Sicily with typical Sicilian products before they run out!

Also check out all our Christmas offers. often last a few hours or a few days, so seize the moment!

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Sweet, salty or mixed. choose your Christmas gift!

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