Cesti natalizi "Sicilia" con 15 prodotti tipici siciliani

Sicily" Christmas baskets with 15 typical Sicilian products

Sicily" wicker Christmas baskets are full of tasty typical Sicilian products:

1-Fiasconaro artisan panettone with fresh orange candied fruit or Sicilian almonds and raisins flavoured with zibibbo and marsala, 750 g prodotti_2015_natale_mandorle
2-Pregiato Vino Patrono, Nero d'Avola DOC, Cantina Feudo Ramaddini, Marzamemi (SR), Silver Medal for Patrono DOC Nero d'Avola 2010 (score 87/100) International Mundus Wine Competition 2013patrono-feudo-ramaddini-_a
3-An artisanal pasta Tagliatelle of ancient Sicilian wheat "Russello", bronze drawn and slow drying, 500
Food In Sicily, typical Sicilian recipe, 260 gr, immediately ready5-Tavoletta

Chocolate of Modica, artisanal product from award-winning chocolate shop, various flavors, 100 gr6-Scorzette
(peels) of orange and chocolate, 200gr7-scorzette_arancia-1
Almond paste, soft assorted almond cookies, 250 gr8-Patè


Artichokes with Sicilian Almonds, 180 gr9-Creampate di carciofi con mandorle
spread with Pistachio 45%, 200 gr - Brontemid_crema_pistacchio_premium

10-Caponata Palermitana, typical recipe, a "must" of Sicilian cuisine! 260
in artistic ceramic of Caltagirone, made and painted by hand, 7 cm (being an artisan product, the decoration may vary from the photo)
12-Frutta martorana, typical Sicilian sweet, 2 pieces, 50
, chocolate or white, with almonds and honey from Sicily, 100 gr14-
Crunchy handmade almonds and pistachios, 150 gr15-
Black Mulberry jam with Sicilian orange blossom honey, 240 grconfettura_gelsi_neri_miele_zagara_gr350

The wickerChristmas baskets "Sicily" Food In Sicily are made with care, closed with a sheet of transparent plastic, is then applied a Christmas ribbon.
Each Christmas basketFood In Sicily is widely customizable with all our typical Sicilian products, you can compose it as you like by choosing from the various products in our catalog and finally inserting the Christmas basket among those available.

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