Cesta Natalizia con prodotti tipici siciliani, alcune proposte

Christmas basket with typical Sicilian products, some proposals

The Christmas baskets with typical Sicilian products are an excellent Christmas gift idea.

On the occasion of this S. Christmas give yourself or your loved ones a selection of the best of typical Sicilian products, from handmade panettone to fine wine label and then again Sicilian pesto, jams, liqueurs, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese and many other goodies.
We propose 3 Christmas baskets packaged by Food in Sicily and available on Amazon with delivery in 2-3 working days.

1. Christmas basket "Taormina" with 7 typical Sicilian products


Content of the Taormina Package:

  • The wicker Christmas basket "Taormina" is full of 7 tasty typical Sicilian products:
  • Panettone artisan "Fiasconaro" 500 gr, slow rising, with sweet chocolate drops. It is elegantly wrapped by hand;
  • Fine wine "Note Nere", IGT Sicilia, Feudo Ramaddini winery, Marzamemi (SR), included in the yearbook of the best Italian wines 2012.
  • Assortedalmond biscuits, 250g; 4) Handmade pasta made with ancient Sicilian wheat, Russello quality, bronze drawn and slow drying, 500 gr;
  • Caltagirone ceramic stopper, handmade and hand-painted by Caltagirone artisans;
  • Sicilian Pesto in extra virgin olive oil, 189 gr with basil, Sicilian pecorino cheese, dried chopped tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, lemon juice.
  • Maletto Strawberry Jam with orangeblossom honey, 240 gr: A typical fruit from the Etna region is used to reinterpret a timeless classic. Sweet and fragrant, it lends itself to both traditional and innovative uses. It gives its best after being slightly heated. Excellent on bread and butter, with a sprinkling of chopped pistachios on top.

Our Christmas gift basket in wicker is made with care, closed with a transparent plastic sheet, then a "Christmas" star is applied.

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2. Capinera" Christmas basket with 10 typical Sicilian products


Contents of the Capinera Package (10 typical Sicilian products):

  • Renowned artisan Panettone Fiasconaro with fresh orange candied fruit and raisins flavored with zibibbo and marsala, 750 gr;
  • Fine wine "Note Nere", IGT Sicilia, Feudo Ramaddini winery, Marzamemi (SR), present in the yearbook of the best Italian wines 2012;
  • Assortedalmond biscuits, 250g;
  • Handmade pasta of ancient Sicilian wheat, Russello quality, bronze drawn and slow drying, 500 gr;
  • Chocolate bar of Modica, artisanal product, 100 gr (various flavours);
  • Artisanal creamy chocolateliqueur, 10 cl;
  • Sicilian artisannougat, with dark or white chocolate, 120 gr;
  • Ready-madesauce, without preservatives or artificial flavours, prepared according to traditional Sicilian recipes, 260 gr (various recipes);
  • Sicilian black mulberry extra jam with orange blossom honey, 350 gr;
  • Christmas ball 4 cm in artistic ceramic from Caltagirone, hand decorated (the color and decoration may vary from the photo);
  • Sachet of Sicilian aromatic herbs from organic farming.

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3. Borboni" Christmas basket with 9 typical Sicilian products


Content of the Borboni Package:

  • Panettone artisan "Fiasconaro" 750 gr, slow rising, with fresh orange candied fruit and raisins flavoured with Marsala and Zibibbo. It is elegantly hand-wrapped;
  • Al Hamen wine, Passito di Noto DOC, Feuro Ramaddini winery, Marzamemi (SR), grand gold medal at the 2013 Mundus Vini International Competition;
  • Chocolate bar of Modica, various flavours, 100 gr;
  • Peels of orange and chocolate, 200 gr;
  • Paste di Mandorla, soft almond biscuits typical Sicilian assorted, 250 gr
  • Sicilian green olives stuffed with dried tomatoes, 260 gr, excellent side dish or appetizer;
  • Sicilian orange marmalade, 70% fruit, no preservatives, 370 gr;
  • Sicilian asparagus in olive oil, 314 ml;
  • Sicilian handmade nougat, 120 gr, white or chocolate, with almonds and honey from Sicily, produced by an ancient nougat factory.

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